Spark joy in your closet and get organised

How do you spark your joy in your closet? You simply declutter and create a fun and creative wardrobe that will inspire you to dress up and show up as your true self.

I have had the pleasure of taking this up as a fun topic at one of my Fashion Playgrounds where a few ladies and I discussed different ways to ‘spark joy’; in our closets. Our wardrobes are quite personal and represent so much of who we are, and how we would like to express ourselves as individuals. It’s a safe space to create, experiment, and find some joy in our lives.

There are a few ways that you can start creating your dream closet! You can start planning and organizing yourself and start showing up as your true self. Start showing up organized, self-assured, and ready for each moment of your life.

Here are some essential reasons why you should have an organized closet!!