Fashion is Expensive, but Style Is Not!

As they always say, you introduce yourself to the world by the way you look. From ‘I am bold’ to ‘I am a style icon’ fashion statements can create lasting impressions. The urge to look stylish and in-season has always been a strong one, and for most, a very costly exercise. Some think that buying a whole wardrobe full of custom-made and branded outfits is the best way to express their style. However, creating your unique looks that also show off how you feel on the inside comes with many decisions, one of which is budget and sustainability.

How Does Budget Tie In With Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainability in fashion has always been linked to using eco-friendly materials in clothing and recycling outfits. However, there’s so much more the concept of sustainable fashion encompasses. A lot of it also has to do with being aware of how much individuals spend on clothing. Did you know that, according to Statista, the world is forecasted to spend a whopping US$2,571,939 on clothing in 2025? That’s a lot! By making smarter and more conscious purchase decisions when shopping for clothes, you will not only be saving your hard-earned money, but you will also be leaving fewer carbon footprints, making the world a better place.

How Can You Stay Stylish on a Budget?

Create a sustainable wardrobe

“But how do I stay stylish in a sustainable way?” you may wonder, and it’s a lot easier than you think. Pairing that old vintage necklace with a rich history from your golden days with numerous styles will save you from splurging on ten extra pieces of jewellery. Mixing up a statement scarf either with a decently prized shirt or a skirt can still give you a look that will make you stand out.

Some of the most stylish women here in Hong Kong are not necessarily the wealthiest. They just figured out where to splurge on a key piece of clothing that can be worn up or down, as well as know where to get all the best deals.

Be budget savvy

Here’s a great rule of thumb everyone should stand by: What you spend on clothes has to match the number of times you wear an item of clothing. A pair of nice-fitting fashion jeans that has a higher-than-average price tag would be a great investment as you can wear them on different occasions, unlike three pairs of jeans that cost the same combined that you almost never touch after six months because they just aren’t flattering enough. Reinventing your style by repurposing some of your outfits and mixing your priced pieces with cheaper items can make all the difference.

In a Nutshell…

It is not always easy to be considerate of your spent-on items, especially with having so many options. The best way to try to create your dream wardrobe is to take some time to visualize your look, assess what you already have, and start planning on which other items you would like to include to keep recreating your looks. One effortless way of doing this is to try to find different patterns and colors that could add so much more options to your daily looks.

Keep digging for your style, and remember to always look and feel good!