Pavs Favs


If there is one thing I enjoy doing, it is finding the most beautiful designers and sharing some of their fine pieces with you! I also have my hobbies, or rather fashion finds, that keep me updated on the history of fashion, industry discussions as well as global trends.

We often find ourselves gravitating toward specific brands based on their designs. How fun and informative would it be if we studied the history or person behind the brand? I believe that there is so much power in the stories behind the owners and teams of fashion designers that can be very inspiring.



After some time in the industry, I decided to reach out to some of the most incredible designers to get to understand their processes and the ‘heart ‘ of their creations.

This is my way of creating a deeper relationship with brands and creating a fun and interactive platform with designers.

Collaborating with fashion brands, as well as sharing some of my favorite fashion finds, gives me a unique opportunity to showcase my style and showcase up-and-coming brands.

I am looking forward to sharing ‘Pavs Favs’ with you!!


I am proud to announce my recent collaboration with Kajal Naina, founder of Kajal Naina fine jewelry. After collecting some of her amazing pieces that have really had a huge impact in defining my own unique style, I wanted to share my experience with all my Stylish Sisters.

Her store is situated in Hong Kong, and other selected countries, and is easily accessible online. Kajal and I will take you through some great stories about her process of creating pieces that embody a different fine jewelry experience, as well as how she creates thoughtful fashionable pieces.

Our goal is to share our experience around sustainability in fine jewelry,  as well as fun ways to experience her pieces.

Kajal Naina is definitley one of Pavs Favs!!