Fashion Playground

Stylish Sisters - Wardrobe Edits


The Stylish Sisters Fashion Playgrounds are my monthly fashion events where I get to invite ladies from around my community.

While the parties have a playful vibe, the themes of the events embrace many interesting and important topics, such as fashion sustainability, how to revolutionize our closets into beautiful, functional, friendly spaces, and what travel accessories will transform our packing for traveling into a stress-free and fashionable experience. 


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    Each fashion playground is enriched by relevant fashion activities, discussions, and some fun personal fashion stories sharing time.

    Amongst the most highlighted and beloved fashion playgrounds are the ones that also include pre-loved clothes and accessories exchange. A great way to enjoy fashion while being sustainable.

    What I love the most is that I get to create a community of like-minded people and have a voice around fashion topics that I consider fundamental for every woman’s well-being and confidence.