Style Course

Some of my pre-loved items: a vintage Lawrence Vrba Castlecliff cross pendant, a Kate Spade book clutch and a pair of vintage bow in pre-loved stores!



The primary idea driving the style events is to establish an enjoyable environment for brands, fashion stores, and designers, allowing their customers to engage in Stylish Sisters Image Consultancy events.

The style events enable me to interact with a community of women and establish connections within a comfortable shopping environment.

I also have the opportunity to share suggestions for enhancing shopping experiences, usually complemented by a guest speaker who brings added insights to the sessions.

Stylish Sisters’ style events are really fun and unique. You’ll have a great time, discover new ideas, and experience shopping like never before!

Champagne on one hand and a personal stylist to help you choose your favorite pieces.


Discover your true self and embrace it! Recognise how clothing and accessories empower you.

Tips to improve your personal style and comprehensive guidance for a polished look.

Ways to express your individuality through fashion, along with insights into how the fashion industry expands on this through seasons and colour choices.

A plan to enhance your style that you can use as a guide.

Dissussion about body image to help you understand the importance of posture, not only for your image but also for your self-confidence.

Tons of ideas for crafting a stunning outfit that captures and communicates your unique style identity.

Ways to enjoy fashion while keeping fashion sustainability in mind.