Things I’m Into


As a Style Consultant, one of my favorite things to do is share some interesting ideas! Looking and feeling Good is part of a personal journey to self-discovery, acceptance, and ultimatley a unique fashion sense. There are so many ways to enjoy and liberate yourself through fashion, hence I have decided to showcase how I empower myself, as well as expand my love for fashion. I hope that you will enjoy some of my ‘Style Digging’ tips, as well as ‘things’ that I find fun, interesting, and worth having.

The books I’m into

Title of Book: ‘The One Hundred’ – A Guide to the pieces every Stylish Woman Must Own / by Nina Garcia. If you get a chance, try to purchase the book to empower your style. You will find some hidden gems on how to expand your style and collect stylish pieces.


Book Title: ‘The One Hundred’ – By Nina Garcia (Available on Amazon) – The image is of own purchased book and not a sales promotion, but a review only.