Rewarding Style Consultation

I recently went to Pavleta’s for a style consultation. It all started very casual and we chatted mostly about my reasons of having a style consultation in the first place, which would be that I never considered myself stylish or paid much attention to the way I dress. Well, I do now feel the need to learn more about what suits me and what not and this is where Pavleta has proven extremely valuable! She has a great eye for colours and is absolutely passionate about helping people look great! We have spent a few hours going through a great and relaxed make up session, I picked up some good skills that I can now use to put on my own makeup. She explained with great detail why I should use certain colours and not others and how to actually apply them. I’ve never been much into makeup but Pavleta’s enthusiasm was catchy!
We then moved on to the fashion aspect of the consultation. Again it was a lovely experience with Pavleta putting her knowledge, instinct and passion to good use. I left feeling more confident about what I should wear and how to mix and match different items.