Yes, you DO deserve to be Fabulous at 50

In the infinity of time and beauty of life, and if I could have any impact over the rest of the women, I’d love to inspire every woman on Earth to think of herself as ageless in place of ageing. I am here to tell you that we can be fabulous and desirable at every age. We all have seen admirable women at the age of 50,60,70 and over. What is it that they have in common? Those women never stopped believing in themselves, being curious about life and everything it has to offer, walking and standing straight, dressing stylishly and generally nurturing themselves as if they were Goddesses. This has nothing to do with the plastic surgeries, the trendiest or priciest clothes, the most expensive creams. This has to do with the love we must project towards our own selves, the conviction that we do have the right to be in the centre of our own world and the desire to nurture our bodies and souls in the same way we do it as mothers, daughters, sisters and wives. And, if someone dares telling you that this equals being selfish, do not listen. They are wrong. Just keep taking care of yourself. They will get used to it 🙂

Watch Gil’s transformational video to discover the TOP FOUR non invasive and uplifting services every aspiring ageless woman needs  All at the reach of a 852 phone call.

Video credit to Tim M. Leung. Thanks Tim for the awesome video 😉

So our bubbly model, Gil, was treated first to a:


Brunette, blond, red hot, super long, masculine short, somewhere in the middle, in a bob a la Cleopatra,spaghetti straight, playfully curly…yes, I played all those roles and what is it that allowed me to spice up my look? Yes, you guessed it. The almighty locks!!! Hair is definitely not my best asset, but a great hairdresser always managed to make me feel like a diva in the same way a bad hairdresser made me go back home and frantically rewash my hair or recut my fringe in the desperate attempt to regain my broken self esteem. Are you trying to figure out what to do with your hair? Jean Louis David Hong Kong hairstylists have got some great ideas for you.

What came next was a:


Sometimes I love to call myself a closet ninja…I seriously needed to master some fighting/escaping skills in the past years to defend myself from tangled hangers, crumbling shoes hidden in the most remote corners of otherwise harmless cabinets, handbags niched and falling off the highest shadowy shelf of a tall unfriendly closet. Does this sound familiar? I have offered my services to many women, most of them are leaders, managers or business women, but hey, closets are closets and they can get messy and chaotic especially when one have to jiggle between a full time job, family and the ohhh so endless list of priorities.

Check my war with Gil’s closet. I had to fight many battles, but at the end I won the war ;-). For more information about what to expect from a wardrobe editing session click here

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Gil wanted to see her skin more radiant and de-stressed , so we offered her


My Perfect Body! There is no one single thing that I do not love about this place. The owner is an admirable business woman who does not spare her efforts finding the best therapists, the most advanced technology, the latest non invasive treatments, and while doing this, she constantly has the most attractive offers for trials and packages (I have got a package for their Endermolift Facials as well as for their Bioplasma Facials. All you have to do is…give it a try. You will see the results immediately. Now you all know one of my secret ‘Ageless Goddess’ weapons :-)Last but not least, for the hygiene freaks out there, the place is spotless, fragranced and cozy. Click here to check MyPB current promotions.



The icing on the cake was Gil’s


We are so blessed to live in an era when we do not have to mix mineral powder and animal fat ourselves to create our own make up nor we have to use sticks of bone or wood to apply the eyeliner like the Ancient Egyptians did…Can you imagine how time consuming that would be? The cosmetics industry is now offering a product for every need, taste and wallet. So there is no excuse for a woman to neglect this simple self caring ritual. With the help of our Make Up expert Tatiana Igoshkina, Gil was able to learn how to apply her Make Up as a pro. In a crazy busy morning, all she needs now is 2…minutes.  Tatiana has been trained by World Champions in «Dolores» Academy; she is Moscow Make-up Champion Golden Winner, first prize in the «Runway» nomination; Best make-up artist of “Wedding” magazine, Moscow; The author of unique make-up teaching technique «Always a Star»…Ok, there is really a lot this talented lady from Novosibirsk, Russia,  has achieved. Just check her website here 🙂 and make sure you book your session with her in advance. She is kind of…busy too 😉



So…Start making up some time for yourselves without feeling guilty, without being apologetic, without accepting any blame from others. How much you are giving every day? Start looking for the fine line of balance between giving and receiving and start accepting when you are offered, asking when you need to, and stop wondering if you should or should not take that facial and what your partner will say. For us, women, daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, nurturing comes natural and it often becomes a mission. The mission becomes a habit. The habit grows and takes so much of our time that we completely forget about our own needs, pleasures , dreams and desires. Why should we not cut our hairs for two years? Why should we not make up one hour for a facial treatment? Why should we remind everyone about everything by default just to end up rushing out of home completely stressed, without even finding those two minutes of time to apply a decent make up? Why should we never ever have time to fix our own closets while we do fix our husbands’ ?

If what matters is the NOW, I do not want to stop the feeling of loving and accepting myself the way I am and…investing in a few completely gratifying, non invasive treatments that will demonstrate that love and care: a couple of facials, a nice haircut, some uplifting make up and a wardrobe detox.