Designer kaftans from Kaprice Hong Kong

Hello Style Lovers!

Do you like the idea of silky, light clothes that help you hide the unwanted weight around waist and hips while making you actually look and feel like a diva? You need a kaftan! But not just any kaftan. You need a kaftan from Kaprice.

Why Kaprice? Beside being worn by celebrities like Anita Chui and Anzhelika Tahir on the Red Carpet of Cannes Film Festival (check Kaprice’s Facebook page for more inspiration and Diva looks from Cannes), the kaftans, dresses and tunics of the world-famous brand are perfectly tailor made in the most luxurious materials like Satin, Crepe, Silk and Georgette and come in a variety of shapes, colours and enchanting digital prints. Looking for a more dramatic appeal? Choose a kaftan with embellishments like Swarovski crystals and beautiful shells and you will need nothing else to enter the scene like a modern-day Goddess. But hey, let’s focus on the awesome video below. Of course I want you to read the full blog, but I know that you guys love visual and love watching real people … In today’s video I am styling Kate, a Pilot, and Denise, a Manager. So next time you see someone wearing a colourful kaftan at your plane’s flight deck, say Hi to Kate 😉

Now, I really feel like sharing with you a couple of important rules when choosing a kaftan in case you are not accompanied by a personal shopper…Since we are talking about some really vibrant, colourful clothes, here is my rule number one:

Choose a kaftan in nuances that harmonise with your natural colouring. Are you a Light Spring? A Warm Autumn? A Cool Winter? Once you discovered what is your colouring, you will clearly see the difference between blue based and yellow based colours, bright or muted colours, deep or light colours and as a result you will easily see which ones make you look healthier and younger. To know more about how to find out what is your colouring, click here

Determining the colours that will best look on someone is a creative job, rather than requiring prescriptive rules, so while styling Kate and Denise, I decided that they were two really cool ladies 🙂 as cool as a Cool Summer and they both looked great in kaftans with blue based nuances. As you saw in the video, we experimented with a few different lengths and patterns. Here is one of the kaftans I selected for Kate and we all agreed that she looked fabulous in it. What do you guys think?


The original price of this silk chiffon kaftan is 2,100 HK$, but video viewers can have it for 1,680 HK$ by using code ‘stylish20. Visit Kaprice’s showroom, try it on and claim your 20% discount.

However, what you are seeing in the picture below became so far Kate’s absolute favourite tunic. We all agreed that a shorter tunic in cool tones was one of the best choices for her height, scale and colouring and she added that she could wear something like this quite easily hence we covered her lifestyle and style personality too…Kate had to buy the tunic 🙂 Kate’s new kaftan is made in georgette and its original price is HK$ 1200. You think you are going to look good in it? Visit Kaprice’s showroom, try it on and claim your video viewer discount by mentioning code ‘stylish20’. You will receive : 20 % off and will be able to grab Kate’s favourite for HK$ 960 only.


A little bit more about the choice of colours. Can you think of anything warmer than orange and gold? I felt like a sunshine in this stunning kaftan. Here is the thing, orange is one of the best colours in my palette but is completely absent in Kate and Denise’s palettes…While they are two Cool Summers, with my red hair tones I fully classify as a Warm Autumn. See, I can hardly swap clothes with Kate and Denise but they are besties, they can. You think you are going to look good in the chiffon kaftan you are seeing me wearing in the picture below?  Tick it off with 50% discount immediately by clicking here:…/new-collection/kaftans/



My rule number two when choosing a kaftan for myself or for a client is to carefully consider the scale of the person when selecting pattern and length of the kaftan. A petite woman will generally look better in a kaftan with smaller print patterns, while a taller, grand woman will look more attractive in larger, bolder prints. If you love the kaftans but hate shopping, if you love shopping, but do not have enough time, if you want to have a knowledgable person with great eye and flair helping you select the color and cut of clothing that creates the image you want to portray consider hiring a personal shopper, alias me 🙂 Click here to know more about the service.



But hey, as I said, at Kaprice there is a kaftan for everyone. Take the chance to soak in the endless ocean of colours, lengths, shapes and prints. Swimming in silk and chiffon is after all the ultimate pleasure of every self respecting modern day Goddess 🙂

Yes, you DO deserve to be Fabulous at 50

In the infinity of time and beauty of life, and if I could have any impact over the rest of the women, I’d love to inspire every woman on Earth to think of herself as ageless in place of ageing. I am here to tell you that we can be fabulous and desirable at every age. We all have seen admirable women at the age of 50,60,70 and over. What is it that they have in common? Those women never stopped believing in themselves, being curious about life and everything it has to offer, walking and standing straight, dressing stylishly and generally nurturing themselves as if they were Goddesses. This has nothing to do with the plastic surgeries, the trendiest or priciest clothes, the most expensive creams. This has to do with the love we must project towards our own selves, the conviction that we do have the right to be in the centre of our own world and the desire to nurture our bodies and souls in the same way we do it as mothers, daughters, sisters and wives. And, if someone dares telling you that this equals being selfish, do not listen. They are wrong. Just keep taking care of yourself. They will get used to it 🙂

Watch Gil’s transformational video to discover the TOP FOUR non invasive and uplifting services every aspiring ageless woman needs  All at the reach of a 852 phone call.

Video credit to Tim M. Leung. Thanks Tim for the awesome video 😉

So our bubbly model, Gil, was treated first to a:


Brunette, blond, red hot, super long, masculine short, somewhere in the middle, in a bob a la Cleopatra,spaghetti straight, playfully curly…yes, I played all those roles and what is it that allowed me to spice up my look? Yes, you guessed it. The almighty locks!!! Hair is definitely not my best asset, but a great hairdresser always managed to make me feel like a diva in the same way a bad hairdresser made me go back home and frantically rewash my hair or recut my fringe in the desperate attempt to regain my broken self esteem. Are you trying to figure out what to do with your hair? Jean Louis David Hong Kong hairstylists have got some great ideas for you.

What came next was a:


Sometimes I love to call myself a closet ninja…I seriously needed to master some fighting/escaping skills in the past years to defend myself from tangled hangers, crumbling shoes hidden in the most remote corners of otherwise harmless cabinets, handbags niched and falling off the highest shadowy shelf of a tall unfriendly closet. Does this sound familiar? I have offered my services to many women, most of them are leaders, managers or business women, but hey, closets are closets and they can get messy and chaotic especially when one have to jiggle between a full time job, family and the ohhh so endless list of priorities.

Check my war with Gil’s closet. I had to fight many battles, but at the end I won the war ;-). For more information about what to expect from a wardrobe editing session click here

What’s more, if you book a wardrobe editing session on May and mention CODE STYLISHAT50 you will enjoy 10 % discount. 



Gil wanted to see her skin more radiant and de-stressed , so we offered her


My Perfect Body! There is no one single thing that I do not love about this place. The owner is an admirable business woman who does not spare her efforts finding the best therapists, the most advanced technology, the latest non invasive treatments, and while doing this, she constantly has the most attractive offers for trials and packages (I have got a package for their Endermolift Facials as well as for their Bioplasma Facials. All you have to do is…give it a try. You will see the results immediately. Now you all know one of my secret ‘Ageless Goddess’ weapons :-)Last but not least, for the hygiene freaks out there, the place is spotless, fragranced and cozy. Click here to check MyPB current promotions.



The icing on the cake was Gil’s


We are so blessed to live in an era when we do not have to mix mineral powder and animal fat ourselves to create our own make up nor we have to use sticks of bone or wood to apply the eyeliner like the Ancient Egyptians did…Can you imagine how time consuming that would be? The cosmetics industry is now offering a product for every need, taste and wallet. So there is no excuse for a woman to neglect this simple self caring ritual. With the help of our Make Up expert Tatiana Igoshkina, Gil was able to learn how to apply her Make Up as a pro. In a crazy busy morning, all she needs now is 2…minutes.  Tatiana has been trained by World Champions in «Dolores» Academy; she is Moscow Make-up Champion Golden Winner, first prize in the «Runway» nomination; Best make-up artist of “Wedding” magazine, Moscow; The author of unique make-up teaching technique «Always a Star»…Ok, there is really a lot this talented lady from Novosibirsk, Russia,  has achieved. Just check her website here 🙂 and make sure you book your session with her in advance. She is kind of…busy too 😉



So…Start making up some time for yourselves without feeling guilty, without being apologetic, without accepting any blame from others. How much you are giving every day? Start looking for the fine line of balance between giving and receiving and start accepting when you are offered, asking when you need to, and stop wondering if you should or should not take that facial and what your partner will say. For us, women, daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, nurturing comes natural and it often becomes a mission. The mission becomes a habit. The habit grows and takes so much of our time that we completely forget about our own needs, pleasures , dreams and desires. Why should we not cut our hairs for two years? Why should we not make up one hour for a facial treatment? Why should we remind everyone about everything by default just to end up rushing out of home completely stressed, without even finding those two minutes of time to apply a decent make up? Why should we never ever have time to fix our own closets while we do fix our husbands’ ?

If what matters is the NOW, I do not want to stop the feeling of loving and accepting myself the way I am and…investing in a few completely gratifying, non invasive treatments that will demonstrate that love and care: a couple of facials, a nice haircut, some uplifting make up and a wardrobe detox.

Colour obsession – Turquoise..whatever..whenever

Where would I go wearing turquoise?

Turquoise is one of my favourite colours. It is a certainty! I can tell by the magnetism between me and anything in this hue: a crossbody bag, a bold necklace, an oversized cocktail ring, a pair of sunglasses, a dress, a cardigan, a felt fedora, a bikini, a…nail polish. Some days the attraction is so intense that the desire of wearing something turquoise transforms in a NEED. So I pair the necklace and the handbag with a black jumpsuit if I’ve got to run a few errands, visit the hairdresser or ride the ferry. Or, I transform into a turquoise queen by pairing nail polish, a cocktail ring, a dress and a …’throne’ in the same tone and Voilà! All set for a date with a bunch of other queens 🙂


Where would I not go wearing turquoise? I would not visit ancient Mexico as it is said that turquoise was reserved for the gods and the mere mortals should not wear it. I have zero curiosity finding out what was the punishment for wearing turquoise in ancient Mexico… 

Who could wear turquoise? This is one of the very few colours that looks great on EVERYONE.

What colours to wear with turquoise? A versatile neutral and a great accent, turquoise works beautifully with almost any other color. Pair it with white, black, beige, grey, navy, chocolate brown or camel to achieve a balanced, polished look. Go a little crazy by matching it with burgundy, mustard or chartreuse. Opt for monochromatic, by wearing blue-greens garments and accessories for a sophisticated, feminine effect.

A little thought about the colour: Turquoise, as a blend of blue and green, has some of the same cool and calming qualities. At a psychological level turquoise means open communication and clarity of thought. To me, it screams ‘ I am enjoying life!’ as my perception of this colour is as one of the friendliest and happiest in the colour spectrum. This magnificent hue is associated with an amount of positive meanings: energizing, feminine, calming, sophisticated, revitalizing, wisdom, serenity, creativity, emotional balance, good luck, spiritual grounding, friendship, love, joy, tranquility, patience, intuition, and loyalty, integrity. I love, I want, I need them all! It’s easy after all, just wear your turquoise…whatever…whenever!


How do I feel while wearing turquoise? Not only this colour uplifts my mood, but it also makes me feel eternally feminine and attractive.

Any compliments? One of my best girlfriends: “…I absolutely love the dress! Pairing it with nail polish and a cocktail ring…you are too much!” Me: “ And then I found a matching ‘throne’ and was about to carry it around, but my girlfriends said I was exaggerating. I think they were just jealous :)



Little curiosity: I found the beautiful felt fedora you are seeing in one of the pictures during a styling event in a Hong Kong boutique. I absolutely loved it and everyone around loved the look, but I could not buy it. I am on a six-months-shopping-detox. If it is meant to be mine, I am sure the pretty turquoise fedora will wait until the end of…November . Perhaps I will even find it at a discounted price…


My colourful see-through Cambodian Adventure

Hello everyone! I am glad to share with all of you my style tips for your ultimate Cambodian adventure so please read on and feel free to comment, share and ask questions!

Where would I go dressed like this?

I went and I would go again blending with the sunset and the beautiful hues of the Cambodian Buddhist Temples. I visited and I would visit again Seam Reap Artisans Angkor village to snoop around for timeless Cambodian handicrafts. Not only.

I would use see-through, joyful, comfortable clothes almost everywhere in Asia. In my understanding of a stylish globetrotter, in places like Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia and Bali, weather often equals three things ‘HOT, HUMID, GLUEY’. Black is not the best option, nor it is white when you have to walk on the red dusty roads of Siem Reap. Layering is absolutely forbidden unless one is attempting suffocation by natural causes. So what? I got it right with my sheer colourful tops and harem pants. Besides scientist say that bright clothes make us happy. Travelling colourful = double happiness.

Where would I not go dressed like this?

I would not go to a job interview. Too sheer, too vibrant. I would not go on a first date with my husband. Now that I know his thing about the simple elegance of a jeans and a T shirt in a solid colour. He had to learn to accept his vivid, bubbly wife. Not that he had a choice 😉

Who could wear this outfit? Fluid fabrics such as silks and chiffons are excellent for curvy women and for women with fuller figures. There you go, just be aware of the pattern as for fuller body shapes I would suggest abstract florals or paisleys, squiggles or spots instead of bold geometric patterns or lines which would not lie straight over your curves. 

The add-ons: when wearing so many shades, geometric patterns and flowers in an outfit, we really need to look in the mirror and remove the bold necklace, the hat with paillettes and our favorite LV bags. Have you not seen a little bit too often this sort of style crashing combos? Instead I do suggest wearing a playful, summery pair of earrings and a wide brim hat in a solid nuance. As for handbags and sandals, I went for the gold as I really did not want to add more colour to the outfit. Besides, everyone should own a pair of sandals and a handbag in their favorite metal. So next time you go shopping, make sure you tick these two from your must-haves-list.

A little thought about the colours: the WARMS are my absolute best picks and there are no warmer hues than corals and tangerines, daffodil yellows and ambers, rusty reds and mustards, or, oatmeals, chocolate browns and bronzes. One should feel the irresistible desire of dressing brightly just by hearing all these beautiful names. I know, I know, some of you are not sure what are their best colours. There is a service for this. It is called Full Colour Analysis.

How did I feel while wearing it? I felt so free and fluid! Like a butterfly!Beautiful and graceful, varied and enchanting, small but approachable, butterflies lead you to the sunny side of life. And everyone deserves a little sunshine. ~Jeffrey Glassberg


Any compliments: Most of the Cambodian people were trying to water-gun me. I took it as a compliment 

Little curiosity: I own a bunch of sheer harem pants and another one is on its way in a sssssssnakey pattern. When I do not want to go see-through, I simply …layer them. Yes, you heard me. I wear one pair of pants on the top of the other one.


Chic ways to wear a pencil skirt


Where would I go dressed like this?

I would go to a meeting in the city, be it with a business partner, a photographer or the PTA. I would go out for lunch with my girlfriends. Even though I see it pretty much as a ‘chic day in the city outfit’, I could consider it for a dinner out.

Where would I not go dressed like this?
I would not travel in it. Too delicate. Too white. Too easy to crumple. I would not go fighting for bargains at sample sales. Not my best option for a Sunday brunch in an Italian restaurant with children (think pizza, spaghetti, tiramisu and espresso). I’d rather walk my dog in it.

Who could wear this outfit?

This is pretty much a City Chic style and I am immediately thinking of at least one woman on earth who could wear it: The Duchess of Cambridge, but seriously you do not have to be a royalty to dress like this. You just have to own a City Chic Style Personality. A pencil skirt is ideal for women with hourglass body shape, be it a neat or a curvy one. In fact this type of skirt will absolutely make the most out of your curves. Avoid it if you are pear-shaped. Unquestionably a button down shirt looks good on everyone. Choose a silk version for extra luxury. A classic trench can work in any kind of weather and goes well with almost anything (or almost nothing if you are feeling very film noir). It is in my top ten MUST HAVES no matter what is your style personality, body shape or lifestyle.

The add-ons: boots and handbag have got some yellow gold parts. This is why I have chosen golden sunshades. The bright red lipstick is a willful decision too. It was my only way to use colour.

A little thought about the colours: snow white, ivory, cream, champagne…the list goes on. An all-white outfit is always a winner and the good news is that everyone can pull it off and look stunning. A Colour Consultation with a Personal Stylist will reveal which one is best for you.

How did I feel while wearing it? Eternally Stylish and young

Any compliments? Tons

Little curiosity: The exotic skin handbag has been in my wish list since December 2012 when I spotted it at the Conrad Hotel Christmas Fair in Hong Kong. Bought is on December 2016. 4-years-long-test-of-patience. So rewarding!

Sophisticated sweater



Where would I go dressed like this?

This outfit is easy and playful, but still chic. With a pair of flattering denim and a sophisticated sweater I would go everywhere. Well not so literally. Of course I am not hitting the gym or the yoga studio dressed like this, but by replacing the heels with a pair of dressy sneakers or ballerinas and the guitar bag which carries almost nothing with a hobo which carries a macbook, a make up purse, a coffee tumbler and the heels, I can even spontaneously catch a plane.

Where would I not go dressed like this? I would not go fishing :)

Who could wear this outfit?

Women with cheerful personality who are looking for comfort or discomfort ( all depending on the choice of shoes ), who are self-ironical, confident and want to look younger. Fishnet sweaters, blouses or tights are often a trend. They are actually a trend NOW. My best suggestion is to write it down in your wish list and whenever you find your perfect match, invest in it. I bought mine in Italy. As for the denim there is a new study showing the age at which we should stop wearing jeans. Did you know it is 53? What? Read more about it here.

The add-ons: The Jimmy Choo’s and the guitar shaped handmade bag add spice and glamour to the outfit. If I wanted to be truly sexy, spicy and glamorous, I could not ignore a Red Carpet Lipstick. The finished touch to the total glow-y look was given by the bronze eyeshadow and the bronzing powder.

A little thought about the colours: 

If you, like me, are a natural redhead (maybe you are, as I am just pretending) you will look absolutely fabulous in rich and warm colours. What’s warmer than gold? For clothes. For accessories. A Full Colour Analysis with a Personal Stylist will help you discover how enormous is the difference between wearing the right colours and the wrong ones, including gold and silver. Be fearless, I would never suggest you not to wear your diamonds 😉

How did I feel while wearing it? Playful, sexy and young.

Any compliments? Of course, many..

Little curiosity..

I own a bunch of Coffee Tumblers and love pairing them with my outfits. Coffee is my best friend, just right after Vittorio (a loving sausage dog)