Accessorizing a chocolate brown sheath dress

Where would I go dressed like this?

I wore this dress last night. It is a simple sheath dress with golden elements around the neckline. Here is the thing, I went through a few different outfits while deciding what to wear, keeping in mind two main points: I had to look my best for the fabulous-looking-heels-wearing-ladies-all-over-the-place style event, but before that I had a business meeting. Hmm. A knee long sheath dress in a solid color was the right answer. How did I dare accessorizing it with killer sandals, handmade wooden clutch and funky turquoise jewelry and confidently enter a business meeting? Well, that’s one of the privileges of working in a creative industry.


Where would I not go dressed like this?

I love driving/riding things, cars, bikes, bicycles, horses… And, with a sheath dress I would not, unless my gentleman is riding the thing and I am just side sitting, sightseeing behind him in an old fashioned way.

Who could wear this outfit?

Sheath dresses are feminine, chic and flattering to most body shapes. They have been standing the test of time for decades and been frequently the style choice of powerful, stylish women around the globe. How many times we all looked up at Michelle Obama in her perfectly tailored primrose, teal, purple or scarlet sheath dresses? She is known to be pear shaped. Isn’t she attractive? Did you know that Audrey Hepburn had petite hourglass shaped body? You might not know this, but I am sure you know she was wearing sheath dresses.

You want an example of a celebrity who has got inverted triangle body shape and wore sheath dresses like a queen? Naomi Campbell is the one. So next time you wonder if you should buy one, remember those names and go for it. With or without pleat or slit, what hemline, neckline, in a solid color or with patterns, and how to choose the right fabric are important details that you get to know through a Style Consultation.

The add-ons: I find great pleasure embellishing an outfit with accent, bold  pieces. To me, playing with the accessories is the part where I can get really creative: an oversized turquoise cocktail ring, a pair of Boho earrings in the same shade, a quirky, beautifully crafted wooden clutch. I am pretty sure everyone will agree that those are the protagonists of this outfit.

A little thought about the colors: Turquoise is one of the best accent color to chocolate brown. No wonder it is often used as a combo for stylish interior designs. Turquoise is a vibrant, cheerful color that is suitable for everyone, no matter what their color palette is. And, if chocolate brown is not your best neutral, try pairing turquoise jewelry with a black, white, navy or beige sheath dress. Still not sure? You will definitely benefit from a full color analysis.

How did I feel while wearing it? I felt slimmer and taller. Wearing a sheath dress in a dark, solid color gives this perception.  Killer heels help too…they actually make huge difference. I absolutely forbid you picturing me with flats 🙂 I felt as a style icon too. Did I go too far?

Any compliments: Ah yes! While proudly heading to the style event I turned my head to check something and I caught a man checking…me. Left aside the curious man, I got a mountain of compliments from almost every fabulous-looking-heels-wearing-lady at the event. Always rewarding!

Little curiosity: Jessica Alba wore exactly the same tasseled strappy sandals to a autograph signing for Sin City a couple of years ago. Who does not want an autograph from a girl wearing such killer shoe? Or from…Jessica Alba…