Where would I go dressed like this?

Enjoying a Sunday family brunch in a fancy restaurant or just an any-day-of-the-week-lunch with my fabulous girlfriends. By pairing the skirt with a tailored black blazer I can use this outfit even as a bold work wear. I would simply make sure that the rest of the outfit is kept simple, for instance by swapping the red patent leather shoes with a pair of classic black pumps or with black ankle boots (a great option for those ladies working in the creative industry) and the kimono recrafted pochette from My Moniko with a black tote.

Where would I not go dressed like this?

I would not visit a zoo or a safari park wearing animal print clothes. I happened to read an interesting article a while ago about the change of behavior of some animals in cases of humans wearing animal prints. Some will be frightened and escape. Not too bad of a thing being taken for a real leopard, but I would definitely avoid wearing zebra stripes and get too close to a lion or a tiger ☺

Who could wear this outfit?

If you aren’t afraid of boasting a full booty, a skin-tight shiny leopard print skirt is one of the best choices you can make. As for the tailored blazer, I am guessing you own one. If not, allow me to remind you that this is a stylish, must have piece you will wear time and again. Not sure which is your style? A wardrobe editing session with a stylist will not only give you knowledge about what to keep and what to toss from your current wardrobe, but also what are the pieces you should invest in, based on your figure, personality, lifestyle, age and budget.

The add-ons: Accessorizing a leopard print with a few bright spots of red and gold is a fabulous idea, but one needs to know when to stop. Match your red shoes with a red lipstick! A red nail polish is classy: keep it! A little red in the handbag is fab too, but let’s not take it too far by adding a belt, a scarf and a poodle with a red collar to the combo ☺ (of course exception is made for sausage dogs with red collars)

A little thought about the colours: We see the experts mixing prints and patterns and playing with texture all the time and we love the way they do it, don’t we? You know what? It is not that difficult after all. For this look I picked two different prints that share a couple of colours (leopard print skirt and kimono recrafted bag). This is one way of mixing prints and patterns. For more inspiration you can check Pinterest. You will find tons of suggestions.

How did I feel while wearing it? I felt bold and dynamic like a graceful big cat.

Any compliments? ‘Hey, I like your style!’ I promise you, ladies, somebody around me said the sacred words every woman loves hearing 😉

Little curiosity: The leopard print skirt was originally a skin-tight, shiny leopard print dress, which I was hardly wearing. I always believed in the versatility of skirts, but that’s me, because I love playing with outfits and a skirt gives me way more options than a dress. To prove you the eternality of the animal print I will put a date on it. I snapped the leopard print dress in a cute hidden boutique in Florence back in the early 2000s ☺ So let’s roar together this season ladies! Every self-respecting-brand is offering a variety of skirts, dresses, jackets and accessories in a leopard print this season. What is on your animal-print-wish-list this season?  I am going hunting for a pair of leopard heels! There is something bold out there for every body shape, lifestyle and budget! Go find yours and unlock that wild sexiness and femininity you own!