I wanted to be beautiful and irresistible! Every girl at the age of 16 wants to spread her charisma all around and convince herself and the world, with every step she takes, that she is a queen. In the moment, captured in this picture, I was a queen. Gleaming on my neck the long desired necklace that I was secretly checking in my mom’s jewellery box. The big golden sun! Now I could have it! Exulting with joy, smiling and spinning along, I wore my little red dress, the golden sun shining on my chest, and left conquering the day! I wanted to and I knew I would be bright, brave, glowing and…noticed!

The most powerful of all colours is still part of my feminine, styling routine, but a few things in my attitude changed during the years.

Big change # 1: I am no longer to be seen visiting a girlfriend for an afternoon tea gathering, wearing red from top to toe, including a pair of unique, custom made heels in the same shade.That choice belonged to a bold 16 year old girl who did not even know how it felt to wear a pair of denim and a t shirt back then. There was so much drama in my outfits that one could easily think that I, in fact, was a queen, a…drama queen 😉

Big change # 2: While moving through my life I did learn what being a queen means. It is really not about your custom made heels and convincing the world that you are more important than everybody else. Being a Queen is knowing and loving yourself, being loyal and true to yourself. A Queen is confident in her own powers, talents and feelings. There were tears and broken hearts along the way, there was frustration, pain and despair, but I am finally sitting on my golden throne comfortably, knowing that I am the queen of…my own life, loving, nurturing and honouring myself and the people around me.

Big change # 3: Centuries ago Royalties and Aristocrats of the Balkans were often seen hunting with a pack of maybe thirty or forty Dalmatians. Hence, at the age of 16, as a real Balkan Royalty of the New Age, I was dashing around my hometown Varna as a proud queen and owner of a beautiful specimen of ermine-like flashy coated hunter dog. Today, I feel more attracted to another canine: the clever, lively, courageous and stubborn Mr. Vittorio, the sausage dog.