Personal Shopping

Shop and dress like a celeb with Stylish Sisters !

Clothes shopping is supposed to be fun, but it can quickly turn into a disaster with unnecessary headaches and gray hairs. Many women end up splurging on clothes that don’t really suit them, left to gather dust at the back of your wardrobe.

Together, we can make your wardrobe more functional!

The Stylish Sisters will work with you to discover your true style, best coloring, and preferred matches, empowering you to look and feel beautiful from the outside in. We’ll teach you how to dress for success, radiating that “WOW” factor. It all comes down to shopping and dressing for your body shape, choosing colors that complement your skin tone and personal taste.

The Stylish Sisters help women build positive shopping habits and make better dressing choices. You’ll learn a wealth of life-changing lessons, tips, and tricks on professional clothes shopping and styling, bringing an end to impulse shopping and wasted money.

What’s Included in the VIP Personal Shopping Package?

  • Discover tips and tricks used by pro stylists
  • Discover what colors, shapes, and styles suit you best
  • Save time by having gorgeous outfits handpicked for you
  • Save money by purchasing items that suit your style, taste, color, and tone
  • Remove the hassle of dealing with sizing and liaising with staff
  • Transform your personal style
  • Discover not just what to wear, but how to wear it
  • Make shopping hiccups a thing of the past
  • Fill wardrobe gaps and create great outfits every day

Price: HK$1,100 x 1 hour

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