Hello Style Lovers! I am starting a regular column in my blog called STYLE IT THREE WAYS. Once a month I will focus on one piece of garment and recreate three different outfits with it. Why three? Simply because I believe in the statement that every time we shop we must think of at least three ways to incorporate the piece we are buying in our current wardrobe. Make it a rule! And, with my suggestions, you will soon understand how…easy it could be.

Today’s central player is one of my absolute best-loved MUST HAVES, the CLASSIC WHITE SHIRT. Uma Thurman wore it iconically in Pulp Fiction. Sharon Stone broke all of the fashion rules when she paired her husband’s with a Vera Wang skirt at the 1998 Oscars.
This is a staple. A perfectly tailored white shirt evokes an air of cool sophistication. Fitted waist, straight waist, crisp, relaxed. The choice here is about body type, but even more about lifestyle. Where and how to wear it? Under a suit, tucked into jeans, tied at the waist over a bikini? Figure out which cut and material make the most sense for you. If you opt for a fitted one, keep in mind that it should skim your body, with no gapping at the bust or pulling across the shoulders, and you should be able to move your arms across comfortably.
Yes, you can pair a classic white shirt with your dark denim jeans, your black skirt or a blazer. Put it under a sleeveless black dress! And, because it is so versatile, I could not stop at only three versions. In fact, I am going to style it in 6 different ways based on the different style personalities out there.

Let me begin with those of you who choose over anything else a timeless, neat and elegant look: the CLASSIC LADIES. Always well turned out and elegant, you would not opt for a daring colour combination or a mix of contrasting textures, nor did I in the classic look. I used two wardrobe basics, a pair of gingham cigarette pants and my favourite black pumps. Vittorio loved the look. How about you?

Let’s see what happens if we add a couple of interesting accessories. How about a long green gemstone necklace and a checkered fedora hat? Here is my suggestion for those of you who enjoy their clothes and absolutely love accessories, sometimes spending more on bags and shoes that on an outfit itself: the CITY CHIC ladies. Will I surprise anyone if I said that I fall into this group?

A sneaker/ballerina addicted, an easy-care, non-iron, no-fuss lover? You are a NATURAL! We know that feeling comfortable in your clothes is the most important factor for you. Let’s try a relaxed look with your boyfriend’s jeans, a pair of fabulous dressy sneakers and a cross body bag.

Feeling ROMANTIC? Pair your crispy white shirt with a long silk skirt and ballet flats. Want more romance? Add a flowery patterned chiffon scarf and a loving sausage dog. All set for a night out! Ok, leave the dog in!

Ah, the DRAMATIC! Ladies, it’s not about the Ouch! It’s more about the WOW! The dramatic girl needs WOW pieces. Wherever she goes, she makes sure she will be noticed. Think of Katy Perry or Selena Williams. From time to time I love striking outfits too. What is more striking than a burgundy leather skirt with a deep side slit? All dressed up with yellow gold accessories and leopard print heels and handbag. Meoooo? Nope. Rooooaaarrrr!!!

My last suggestion is for those ladies who were born CREATIVE like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. Every piece of this look screams uniqueness and adds interest, from the black flared leather skirt and the unusual idea of wearing a vivid chiffon top over a crisp white shirt, to the camel suede boots and a black ascot cap, a statement pair of heart shaped blue earrings and a watch in the same shade. It’s all on her and no one can stop the CREATIVE lady from going out dressed like this. What? Yes, she does!

Not sure what is your Style Personality? You will find out that and much more during a Style Consultation or a Style Makeover. Remember! Booking a session with a Personal Stylist is one of the best ways to invest in yourself!

Having Pavleta help me on my styling is literally the BEST decision I ever made. Pavleta is such a fun and inspiring person to work with. She is thoughtful, warm, professional, talented, honesty and hard working. I got a very messy collection in my wardrobe and thought she would suggest me throw most of the items and buy something new. But she didn’t. Based on my current collection, Pavleta made all different type of styles. Chic, cool, cute or charming, I’ve tried everything I wanted. I never knew those old collections of mine could look so so so stylish. Most of all, Pavleta made me feel all the mix and match (that’s how she called them) were really tailor made for ME. Pavleta also taught me some skills about styling. Last Saturday I did my own mix and match based on what I learned form her. All my friends were like ‘WOW’ when they saw me.  👠Today is my second time working with Pavleta within a week. And I cannot wait seeing her again SOON in the next couple of days! Thank you Pavleta! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
Pav! Thank you so so much for today. It opened my eyes to a new world and I loved it!  I'm so happy with every single piece, I feel like a new lady 👏🏼👏🏼I've just retried a few things on and I'm so so pleased, and with clothes I have in my wardrobe - love love love!Thank you for your time, your fun, happy and on to it nature it was amazing! 100% reccomending and posting on my insta etc.Much love ❤❤❤Krys
Tom AllisonTom AllisonMindful Wing Chun
A stylist that really listens to what you want, and is prompt to give options that all seem to be what you are looking! Seem to know what you are after before you do! Professional eye and great 5* service! Highly recommended!
Alex Mattiko Alex Mattiko
I met the amazing and fun Pavleta a few weeks ago. I think of her as the “Clothes Genie”. Her warm,bubbly, knowledgable, inspirational and sparkly nature made the 2 sessions I had with her transforming! I am quite an organised person, but she helped me take my wardrobe to a whole new level. She gave me new ideas about combinations, organisation and a clear list of what I was missing. This means I am now far more focused on what I am looking for and less of a “on the whim” shopper! It has also meant, that packing has become 10000 times easier!! She has brought my wardrobe to life and I would recommend her transforming sessions to everyone who wants to combine fun with organisation!! Not an easy combination to get right!! Thank you so much for all you have done!!😊
Nikki Tanner Nikki Tanner
It was wonderful to have Pavleta come to my place for a wardrobe edit. She helped me make the most of the clothes I had and gave me the confidence to go out and make the right choices when buying pieces to fill the gaps. I highly recommend her services
Nadia KielyNadia Kiely
Pavleta really works with you and your needs, leaving you with some great practical tools that you can really use going forward.All the money I wasted buying the wrong stuff, wish i met Pavleta earlier.
Zoya VyshnevskaZoya Vyshnevska
I had a successful wardrobe edit session with Pavleta and I am very satisfied with how much more understanding of myself I have now. It is like everything fell into place and I have a clear vision and mission now.
Firstly, I was pleasantly surprised how well prepared Pavleta arrived (a suitcase of helping materials and even books) and in what a structured and clear way we proceeded.
After the theoretical part of defining and discussing my style/colours/body shape and respective golden rules of the wardrobe, we efficiently proceeded with evaluating each piece in my (I have to say quite minimalistic) wardrobe. I had best combinations of existing pieces explained and finally we made a list of missing pieces that would make it complete. We even managed to do some online shopping upon my wish.
Generally, the session was a pleasant experience that exceeded my expectations: Pavleta very quickly obtained the understanding of my taste/preferences and I am happy to be following the provided fashion direction in the future since I have a feeling it is very fitting to me. I also recieved answers to all my particular questions (which shoes to that cocktail dress, what to wear to the favourite swimming suit and even how to have a fitting capsule wadrobe). Thank you, Pavleta!
Mardi Wilson Mardi Wilson
" Thanks Pavleta! I really enjoyed today! I feel so enthusiastic about my new outfits...just from the things that are already in my wardrobe! Looking forward to going shopping to fill in all the gaps! It was such a great help. I can really see how certain items are going to go a long way in making my wardrobe a lot more interesting and fun to wear. Can't wait! "
Michele McGregor Michele McGregor
Some of my friends had their colour analysis done and they all had one thing in common, each one of them started to dress more stylishly afterwards and to look just more feminine and vibrant. I decided to treat my daughter and myself with a special gift, a full colour analysis for both with Pavleta from Stylish Sisters. Pavleta's passion about style, colour and helping people was so rewarding and enlightening that we both absolutely loved her and her service. Highly recommending Pavleta to everyone. And, a little suggestion from me, if you wonder what to buy to your grown up daughter as a Birthday Gift, buy her a Colour Consultation. I did and it was so much fun, something we could together that we enjoyed.
Aby TyrrellAby Tyrrell
I think my husband heard me saying way too many times that I had nothing to wear and of course he could not understand the point as my closet was packed with clothes of any sort, shape and colour, but there was a problem, this one he got it very clearly…so what he does next, as a practical and loving husband, is buying for me a styling package including colour, style and make up consultations, wardrobe editing and personal shopping. THE BEST EXPERIENCE GIFT EVER! Not only my entire closet, make up routine and shopping habits were REVOLUTIONISED by Pavleta, but my entire world! I see myself PRETTIER, I get loads of COMPLIMENTS, and even half of the CONFIDENCE I feel would be enough to conquer the world. In the few hours I spent with Pavleta, I learnt how to build a functional, neat and pretty closet and to become a smarter shopper. All this wrapped in friendly, fun atmosphere. I simply cannot recommend Pavleta more!