What to wear in Bali

Where would I go dressed like this?

In Bali, in the heart of the tropical rain forest where I will be able to steal the show to the local…exotic birds. This is the ultimate luxury-resort-lounging outfit! While the bright orange Balinese sun is touching the horizon and throwing its golden reflection in the water, I would rise and glow dressed like an ancient Roman Goddess and I would go to any white sand, pool, cocktail or boating related event.

Where would I not go dressed like this?

My feet would not enter a time machine dressed like this. Not sure I want to live in Ancient Rome Empire unless I am a….Goddess. Who does not want to have unlimited access to sumptuous clothes for free?

Who could wear this outfit?

Women who love colour and are not afraid of being noticed, whatever the size, no matter the age. I have seen women in their fifties, looking fabulous in luxurious colourful kaftans. I have seen curvy women accentuating their femininity and moving gracefully in flowing kaftans. And, remember to show off your shoulders if they are toned and tanned.

The add-ons: A pair of chandelier earrings, an oversized cocktail ring, a pair of sandals and a mini bag is all you need to complete the look. For a Golden Goddess look all the accessories must be golden.

A little thought about the colours: Choose a kaftan in your right colours. Daffodil, Amber, Tangerine, Coral, Orange Red, Pumpkin are some of my best colours. What are yours? After a Colour Consultation with a Personal Stylist you will never ever buy an expensive kaftan in the wrong colour. Click here to check this fabulous service.

How did I feel while wearing it? A Princess! A character from the Arabian Nights (not Sinbad or Alibaba)! An Indian bride marrying an Italian man (just a personal preference). Did I mention Goddess?

Any compliments? I complimented myself a lot 😉

Little curiosity:  A good friend and personal stylist like me was introducing a collection of luxury kaftans at a Styling event and for unknown reasons she picked this glamorous kaftan and picked me from the audience and she said “look at how gorgeous is this kaftan for Pavleta”. I was not meant to spend as I was there to work. In fact I did not spend. I SPLURGED!









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