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“Hi there and thanks for visiting my style blog! You can call me Pavleta or Paoletta. It all depends who you are addressing, my Balkan soul or my Latin one. There is a lot of fusion going on in my thoughts and in my outfits and I simply cannot keep it only for myself!”

You might have asked yourself “Who are the Stylish Sisters?” In case you did, I have a story for you. It is not too long, but it comes from long time ago – and yet perhaps it wasn’t such a very long time ago –

There lived me, a little smiling girl and…the stylish sisters, my grandmother and her four sisters. Five fabulous young ladies who knew how to stay chic all the time. And even at the age of 80 my grandmother would not go out without matching her colours and wearing a hat. Old fashioned? Too pretentious? Noo, just utterly STYLISH!

In the era of blue jeans and t- shirts (nothing against it, actually if worn in the right occasion and with the right accessories, could be really sexy) it is not a bad thing to look back and learn something from that old school attitude.

I did learn a lot from those meticulous ladies, I did saw my grandmother every day sewing perfect blouses, dresses, jackets and more for her clients. I testified her attention to details. I testified my mothers’ attention to details, matching colours and styles, being glamorous. Not to mention my own older sister! Every time I see her, I admire her innate taste and how fast she is in figuring out the perfect clothes/accessories fusion. So CREATIVE!
And here comes me, after a lifetime of style lessons, I started what has been in my blood, in my thoughts and in my dreams, helping other ladies learn the secrets of Style and Colour and give homage to The Stylish Sisters!



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