The magical 11 hour lasting make up and the hand behind it

I was in my late thirties up to a few days ago, now I see 40 everywhere, on the Birthday Cards, on the picture with the cake, on my Pandora bracelet enriched with two more charms, a 4 and a 0. Let’s start with the 0. I have zero regrets, zero fears and zero time to make a fuss out of the ‘forty today! How the heck did that happen?!’ As for the 4, well, 4 are the things that will remind me of my biggest Birthday celebration ever..

Number one: I have been celebrating for one and a half month. Ok, do not think party until morning for 45 days in a row, think instead a little trip here and there, a glass of wine with a girlfriend, one more treat at a sale…it was like trying to get the most out of my last days as a thirty-something-year-old in anything I was doing.

Number two: FAMILY AND FRIENDS! Oh, how special they made my day with all their wishes, messages, jokes and gifts!

Number three: THE MUSIC! Rediscovering my musical soul…heels…slippery deck…totally soaked and just…dancing in the rain

Number four: THE MAKE UP! It lasted a full 11 hours and nothing could destroy that GLAMOROUS FLAWLESS LOOK  from my happy face, not the afternoon nap, not the ‘dancing-in-the-rain-thing’ and not even the fire from the massive candles on the birthday cake. Now, HOW THE HECK DID THAT HAPPEN?

The answer is one: PATRICK HENRI. His work has been published in international magazines such as Elle, Harper’s bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Grazia. I loved him even more when I found out he worked for Versace and YSL…Are you aware of what sort of MAKE UP MAGIC a man like him can do? You will understand when you check my before and after version below. I absolutely loved the fact that after the Make Up Session with Patrick i could still find myself in the mirror, just the healthier, fresher and more glowy edition of a hitting-a-big-birthday-celebration girl. And, surprisingly, that glow lasted 11…hours.

Magic was gone only after the soft touch of Patrick’s Clean & Tone N. 1 all-in-one-solution. Patrick is ambassador of all things Paraben Free and not tested on animals. Just one more reason to feel connected with this born in Belgium star as my world too is made out of micellar water, castile soap, coconut oil, a loyal team of essential oils and a …sausage dog (I only use him to test my tennis balls).

In fact In his  warm and cozy studio in Sheung Wan you can find a selection of natural, organic and cruelty free skin care and cosmetic products.

For more information about the range of products click here. By the way, a big thanks Patrick for bringing one of my favourite Italian Make Up brands in Hong Kong. Collistar in Hong Kong! Yes!


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