Wardrobe Editing Package

What’s hiding in your closet? Is that the cropped bustier top you wore every time you were hitting the dance floor during college years? Have you worn it since? Waiting to loose those 10 inches off your waist you added during the two pregnancies? How about that pill-filled oversized chunky-knit sweater you used to wear when skiing? The merciless tropical moths enjoyed biting on it for a few years now. You want to wear it at home because it is cozy?

Girl, we have a problem. A closet problem. Shhh, don’t tell anyone, just quietly reach out and let me handle that. 

Studies show that the average woman spends almost a whole year of her life deciding what to wear. Are you one of them? If you spend more time staring at your wardrobe instead of wearing it, with clothes strewn all over the place as you desperately try to make sense of everything, it’s probably time to make a change!

We know how stressful it can be to find the perfect outfit, and no matter how many clothes we own, we never seem to have anything to wear. With the help of the Stylish Sisters, you’ll finally make sense of your wardrobe and become a confident dresser no matter the occasion or season! Even if you’re running late for that morning meeting, you’ll feel empowered to quickly throw together a gorgeous ensemble (and still have time to grab a latte!)

Another problem is that most women wear 20% of their wardrobes 80% of the time. There are several reasons for this, and chances are, your closet is bursting with hidden gems and genius matches you’ve never thought of. It’s our job to help you find these!

Why Stylish Sisters?

We want to help you spend your dressing time better by creating a functional “working core wardrobe.” We empower women through deep wardrobe “detoxes,” cutting through physical and mental clutter while teaching you a few life-changing tips and tricks.

With a more functional wardrobe that works with you every morning, not against you, you’ll enjoy a much-needed boost in personal style, less stress, and more time for yourself.

What’s included?

Please note that the following time slots are based on the average wardrobe size. Some sessions may need to be longer if your wardrobe is bigger and/or you require more personal attention!

  • 3-hour wardrobe detox
  • Declutter your space and mind
  • Discover your TRUE style
  • Eliminate physical and emotional baggage
  • Create a wardrobe that works andmakes dressing FUN again!
  • Segregate garments and accessories into workwear, casual, and more
  • Create new looks without spending money
  • Discover life-changing style tips, your personal coloring, what to avoid, and beyond
  • Receive a stylist’s plan of action and a personalized shopping list

Price: HK$3,280

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Price: HK$3,280