Personal Shopping

If you never had a personal shopping experience before, it’s time to try the service. And, Hong Kong is just the right place to invest in a well planned and organised shopping tour. Let’s face it. Going shopping in one of the top Asian shopping destinations is not like strolling around in a small town in Italy and you can easily end up splurging unnecessarily and buying things you are never gonna wear. You need guidance. You need someone to rescue you from the shopping mania of the crowd and show you where and how to shop smartly. You need someone who knows where-to-find-what-you-need-at-the-price-you-want. You need someone who will teach you how to enjoy shopping while saving money. That person is Pavleta, a personal shopping expert. She will help you discover new, smarter ways to build a beautiful and functional wardrobe.


Before the actual day of the shopping tour, you will be contacted by Pavleta. The chat with her will provide better understanding of what kind of styles  are the most suitable for you, what are your best colours and what are your needs. With this information in hand our personal shopping expert will be able to tailor make a tour that will reflect your needs, lifestyle, personality as well as budget.
You will meet with Pavleta and will be briefed about the plan for the tour.
Let’s go shopping! Together with Pavleta you will browse the boutiques she has chosen for you and the clothes and accessories she preselected.
Duration: 3 hours

Price: HK$3,280

Includes: A guided shopping list of the essential items that will complete your wardrobe

An amount of HK$1,100 will be charged for each additional hour.

Location: the location will vary depending on the shopping needs of the client.