Full Colour Analysis

Trust Pavleta’s incredible eye for colour and embark on a journey to discover how big of a difference  it makes between wearing the right colours instead of the wrong ones. With the right colour palette in hand, your dressing, shopping, packing and the way you use your make up will never be same again.


1. Guess what you are (deep,light etc)
By looking at your hair, skin and eye tone, the stylist will determine what is the palette of colours that will work in harmony and balance with your own natural colouring. In this step you will learn your best colours for clothes and make up.

2. Exploring the palette of colours
In this step you will discover what are your best neutral colours (whites, beiges, browns, greys or black, navy, greens) as well as which accent colours will add fun and glamour to your outfits and how to easily mix ’n’ match them.

3. Playing with colour a little bit more
Should you choose gold over silver? Ruby, Mahogany, Strawberry…Did you know that there are hundreds of shades of red? The stylist will guide you to understand which ones look better on you. How about adding a bit of spice to your outfits by wearing your red tops with a matching lipstick?

4. Colour Trends
The consultation would not be complete without a little chat about the season’s colours and which ones are the most flattering for you.

Duration: 1 hr
Price: HK$1,380
Includes: a personalised 42-colour fabric swatch wallet
Location: Gold Coast (Tuen Mun) or Central. For other locations a transportation fee of HK$ 300 will be billed to the client.