Sophisticated sweater



Where would I go dressed like this?

This outfit is easy and playful, but still chic. With a pair of flattering denim and a sophisticated sweater I would go everywhere. Well not so literally. Of course I am not hitting the gym or the yoga studio dressed like this, but by replacing the heels with a pair of dressy sneakers or ballerinas and the guitar bag which carries almost nothing with a hobo which carries a macbook, a make up purse, a coffee tumbler and the heels, I can even spontaneously catch a plane.

Where would I not go dressed like this? I would not go fishing :)

Who could wear this outfit?

Women with cheerful personality who are looking for comfort or discomfort ( all depending on the choice of shoes ), who are self-ironical, confident and want to look younger. Fishnet sweaters, blouses or tights are often a trend. They are actually a trend NOW. My best suggestion is to write it down in your wish list and whenever you find your perfect match, invest in it. I bought mine in Italy. As for the denim there is a new study showing the age at which we should stop wearing jeans. Did you know it is 53? What? Read more about it here.

The add-ons: The Jimmy Choo’s and the guitar shaped handmade bag add spice and glamour to the outfit. If I wanted to be truly sexy, spicy and glamorous, I could not ignore a Red Carpet Lipstick. The finished touch to the total glow-y look was given by the bronze eyeshadow and the bronzing powder.

A little thought about the colours: 

If you, like me, are a natural redhead (maybe you are, as I am just pretending) you will look absolutely fabulous in rich and warm colours. What’s warmer than gold? For clothes. For accessories. A Full Colour Analysis with a Personal Stylist will help you discover how enormous is the difference between wearing the right colours and the wrong ones, including gold and silver. Be fearless, I would never suggest you not to wear your diamonds 😉

How did I feel while wearing it? Playful, sexy and young.

Any compliments? Of course, many..

Little curiosity..

I own a bunch of Coffee Tumblers and love pairing them with my outfits. Coffee is my best friend, just right after Vittorio (a loving sausage dog)


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