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Stylish Sisters is the fashionable destination for 30 to 50-year-old women who are juggling both a career and a family. We’re the new home for the hard-working, fun-loving and busy professionals who wants to look great and feel sexy and not break the bank while doing it.

At Stylish Sisters, we truly believe that when it comes to fashion there should be no excuses. It’s not a privilege. It’s not just for rich girls. Style is for everyone – no matter where you live, what you do or how much time you have.

Even a 33-year-old widow with two little girls, ageing sick parents and no true home can do it! That’s the history of my mother – who’s been the example of strength and style throughout my life. Her lesson is the one I want to teach. It’s the lesson of a woman who stood with grace  no matter the circumstances, a woman who could create fashion pieces from five to six inches of inexpensive fabric, some cute buttons and a few accessories bought in a thrift shop.

In my childhood a visit to the thrift shop was a normal thing. Checking my mother’s accessories — which were kept in a green tool box — was normal, too. It was a treasure chest for a little girl.

Growing up next to a woman like her inspired me for a lifetime to be stylish, no matter what; to treasure my clothes and to bring old pieces to life by shortening, lengthening, adding embroideries, and changing buttons — endless options for a playful, savvy girl.

Of course I love shopping, too. Who doesn’t? I just take pleasure in knowing what to buy, and where and when to buy it.

In my outfits you will see a dress I bought for HK$30 dollars, mixed with a wonderful Armani leather jacket bought with 90% discount and a Furla bag purchased for 50 Euro. To me fashion is both smart and chic.

Whether you’re in Hong Kong or beyond, a mom of two or an exec on the move, this is your home for super-cute accessories, sophisticated stylings, and fun tips.

Here you will find deals, inspiration and motivation.

Thank you for following me and subscribing to my blog.

Your new fashion adventure has just begun…



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