Little White Fedora Hat: 3 Stylish ways to transform it!

There are over 100 different types of hats and they have been around for thousands of years, accessorizing ladies and gentlemen long before humanity testified the birth of the handbag. Today, when it comes to accessorizing, we immediately reach for shoes and handbags, quite an obsession, for our jewels, minimalistic, colourful, bold, not as often for a hat.

The stylish accessory should not be a privilege only for Duchesses and pop stars. Wearing feathery large brim hats might be nearly impossible, but is not the same when it comes to a little white fedora hat. I throw it on when it is sunny or whenever I want to add a bit of mystery to my look. It becomes my invincible partner when fighting with unruly hair. Through thick and thin, I figured out how to change the look of my fedora hat without changing the hat. Accessorizing the accessory!


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