Is being stylish and classy a mission impossible? It’s my mission to make it possible 💃👠👗👛👓💄



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First of all I would like to thank all those ladies who, in 2018 entrusted me their restyling, wardrobe editing, shopping and even the restyling of their husbands.

Mountains of unused, unflattering clothes, shoes and bags flew away of some unfriendly closets to make space for style staples, flattering trousers, dresses and skirts, iconic handbags and must have shoes….hundreds of messages have been exchanged sharing pictures, ideas, style dilemmas and solutions…dozens of goods have been delivered at clients’ doors directly from the paradise of style, Italy or from special sales and niche brands showrooms…new lipstick hues replaced the ‘oh-so-questioned-and-never-used-ones’…
All of you, my wonderful stylish clients, made my 2018 a special one with your gratitude, joy, smiles, hugs, testimonials and reviews! This makes me feel like I am on the nice list with a little sparkle of naughtiness…just for fun 🙂


Now, what is next? For me the answer comes spontaneous: I want to see more stylish people out there and more neat and organised wardrobes in your homes. Here comes you in the picture,


but hey, relax, if you dress as classy and chic as the lady on the left of the picture  below or if you go anywhere you have to go with Kim’s confidence, you definitely do not need style advice…If you are somewhere in the grey space in between, have a look at what the happy clients think about  their transformational sessions…I guarantee you will find inspiration 🙂 



Yes, it did…let’s try and dig into our memories and into the memories of our parents for those images of women and men, going for a walk, at the cinema, at the restaurant…at work, wearing hats and umbrellas, shining shoes and tailor made clothes. I remember my grandmother being that woman! I remember my grandfather being that man! Now, let’s focus on the nostalgic feeling that is invading our bodies. Yes, it is a great beginning. It is time for some style work, but before that we can stop for a minute, relax in our present and wish each other a Merry Christmas!

We can leave the style work for next year, but let’s start making a plan. Ask yourself what is your main style dilemma:

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