Inspiring evening looks for a Tropical Island Getaway

What is in your luggage will reflect the type of holiday you are going to in the same way your closet should reflect your lifestyle . This vacation for me is going to be mostly about reading style books while lounging on the sun bed, snapping pictures of beautiful sunsets, going for lazy walks on the beach, sipping chilled white wine and enjoying dinners 10 meters away from the ocean…barefoot . When preparing for an exotic escape I love to imagine that i am wearing my most forbidden pieces, long silk dresses, off the shoulder see through tops, mini skirts…you get the idea…and white…a lot of white, but that comes after I make sure that my skin is beautifully sun kissed.


In fact the first dress I am choosing for the tropical island style adventure is a white slit-sleeve dress. I am pairing it with bold golden accessories and naming the look Mrs. Right. Why that name? Because I am married to a Mr. Right…literally



The city chic girl is going island hopping, why not inspiring the brides to be with my Urban Bride Look? Bold and romantic at the same time.



This is a walking naughtiness! The palazzo pants are see through and for a top like this you need to invest in a luxe bra. Ready for that Fifty Shades of Black and White moment?



You are never gonna be overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress. Chic, eternal, iconic, the perfect canvas for a dramatic kimono recrafted pochette and some golden accessories.  Here is my Vaguely Voguish look



Do you, like me, dream of being chic, glam and flirty on your next exotic escape? If yes, you will need a suitcase full of power pieces. Embroidered kaftans, sequinned dresses, silk tops, chiffon floor length skirts. Just think of a piece that sounds too complicated or too daring for your every day city life and throw it in the mix. Amp up everything with bangles, earrings and a couple of pochettes that will never fit your mobile in and good luck having fun barefoot . Speaking about good luck, here is my number five tropical island look: The Good Luck Believer.



Oh my badness! Backless Badness. Is there anything sexier than a backless top? Perhaps…a backless dress 🙂



Under the palm tree eating pine apple, thinking of evening choosing Pine Staple and…a long pearl necklace. Sassyyyy!!!



A little black dress off the shoulder, what else can be bolder?



What goes after a shoulders work out? An off the shoulders silky top…of course 🙂 Will you dance with me tonight, my Silky Darling? Said Mr. Right and I said yes.



Fringes! A love-hate relationship. How do you pack your fringed tops and skirts? How do you wear them? Ideas, ladies? Here is mine…I feel Fringed All Over



Hebe was supposed to have the power to give eternal youth. Here is my ancient goddess inspired look: Hebe Bebe. I believe in ageless goddesses. How about you?



Exotic escapes are all about indulgence, wine indulgence, dessert indulgence, and for me the best time for some…Silky Indulgence. Just throw on a floor length silk dress in chocolate brown.



Rediscovering my musical soul…heels…slippery deck…totally soaked and just…dancing in the rain. Red fascinator, feathery turquoise earrings, seashell pochette…this is the look that a few months ago inspired the massive Birthday Party of Baby Number 100. Who’s baby’s that? Did somebody have 100 babies? Why number 100? That’s just me…the first week of life, a chubby nameless baby number 100.



And…the last tropical look for this video is the Ready! Suit! Jump! look. Yes, I have an affair with jumpsuits.



You know what? I have an affair with…life and all the beautiful looks that life can offer 😉




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