How to style a little black dress

Where would I go dressed like this? I went, and I would go again dining out in an Italian, Indian or Chinese restaurant, and, I would not be intimidated by a plate of spaghetti, a portion of tandoori chicken or a bowl of noodles. Black, you know?

Where would I not go dressed like this? I would not go for a walk in the desert. Black, you know?

Who could wear this outfit?

A little black dress is part of every self-respecting top ten must haves list for a reason. It is enigmatic, chic and seductive. It is simple enough to make you look effortlessly stylish. If there is one dress giving every woman endless possibilities to play with her accessories, to show her personality and her hair, that’s the little black dress. Not to underestimate the slimming effect which is in the lists of at least fifty per cent of the women. All you have to do before you buy your perfect dress is think of what neckline, bust line, shoulder line, waist line, tummy line, thigh line, hemline, leg line and ankle line you should choose. Confused? A Styling Session with a Personal Stylist will duck you out of the troubled waters. Learn more about it here.

The add-ons: I look for vitality and drama while creating outfits. A long, layered necklace in emerald green, an oversized vintage watch, a dragon clutch and a pair of ‘Made in Italy’ heels in black, emerald green and blue are able to easily transform this outfit in a playful and flirty one. I added a side bun updo for additional grace and sophistication and a scarlet red lipstick to project my confidence.

A little thought about the colours: Little black dress is for everyone, but black is NOT. Whaaaat? Hold on. Let me explain. It is actually simple. Black is not everyone’s best colour. Great for cools and deeps, it is not ideal for warms and lights. In the 42-colour fabric swatch wallet each client gets after a full colour analysis, sometimes the best colours on the dark side are charcoal, chocolate brown and navy (for instance this is the case of a warm, me). Thus, in this outfit I wore a sparkling emerald green necklace and highlighted one of my best greens.

How did I feel while wearing it? Slimmer. Black, you know?

Any compliments? I take the “where did you get that dress as a compliment”. How about you?

Little curiosity: Some time ago a few drops of bleach spilled on the dress. At first I was not happy but after gulping the initial frustration, I digged out a creative solution of the problem. With a little investment in a bunch of paillettes and a couple of inches of sequined embellished fringe I was able to transform a plain jersey dress in a little wow black dress. Thanks for the style lessons, mom!




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