How to dress like a lady boss

Where would I go dressed like this?

Women are experts in using narrow pieces of clothing and looking fabulous. I  used to do that too, in my twenties. You know what I am talking about, right? Mini skirts, revealing tops, invisible shorts. I am off this game now, but you know what? I can still enjoy a narrow piece of clothing now and then as a…necktie.

The center piece of this outfit is in fact the lilac necktie with a big flower brooch. Dressed like a lady boss I would go to work. Working in the creative industry gives me so much freedom in the choice of outfits. And, I enjoy every bit of it!!! Or, I would meet my girlfriends or a business partner for lunch in a fancy restaurant. I would drive and I would drop by the supermarket for shopping.

Where would I not go dressed like this? I would definitely not travel in a crumply white shirt and skirt.

Who could wear this outfit?

Women who love combining different items of clothing and accessories to give themselves a unique and interesting look. If you are that creative, I am sure you know. If you are not, think Beyoncé, Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj and you will understand how Stylish Creative women dress. A Style Consultation with a personal stylist will help you find out not only what is your style personality, but also what clothes and accessories are the most suitable for your body shape and proportions. If you want to know more about this service you can click here.

Talking about body shapes, an A-line skirt is best for hourglass, rectangle or inverted triangle figure. Do you know what is your body shape?

As for the shirt, the mandarin style neckline is not good for wide necks and double chins. Other than that can be flattering on most women.

How did I feel while wearing it? Cool. I always feel cool when I mix styles or steal something from my husband’s closet 😉

Any compliments? I did not get compliments. I got wows. Because this is the effect of a creative outfit!

Little curiosity: Last year, as a Birthday present, a generous friend gave me a gift voucher for Lane Crawford Hong Kong. So many months past since then and it was going to expire soon, so I rushed to the prestigious store and started checking for dressy sneakers. The price did not have to exceed the gift voucher (HK$ 1500). Do you think I made it? I will give you a clue.. I always spot the pricey stuff )



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