Where would I go dressed like this? Driving 32 km to get to el Mercado, a lovely restaurant in the heart of Wanchai, for a -best-girlfriends-reunion-lunch. Committing a few road traffic offenses while getting lost, sweating, wanting to just shoving my mini cooper somewhere…actually…anywhere. Yes, that was some crazy Balkan driving, but pssst, do not tell anyone, especially the cops ☺

Where would I not go dressed like this? Honestly I do not see many limitations in an outfit like this. Skirt is in a length that is just right, and it is incredibly comfortable. The cotton blouse does not show too much cleavage and it fits perfectly without tightening too much or being too baggy. High heels for glam, kitten or ballet flats for cosiness. Yet, there is a place where I would not go: at the stadium watching Inter against Milan while supporting Milan…

Who could wear this outfit? I have seen girls wearing bubble skirts and making a turning heads entrance, but I have also seen totally unfashionable looks. It really depends on the way you wear it. This type of skirt looks fabulous on women with hourglass or pear shaped figures. Why? The voluminous part of the skirt is excellent for hiding wide hips and thighs. My personal length preference is at the knee. Youngsters can be more daring with shorter versions, but I am not in my twenties anymore…As for the sleeveless top, I know that for some of you the limit might be the bare arms… I get that and I would absolutely encourage you to respect the uncomfortable feeling of wearing sleeveless tops and showing the part of your body that you love the less. But if you have no problem with that and on a mission to beat the heat, go for it, as a top like this would look great on most women.

The add-ons: This colour combination is more flattering if adorned with silver or white gold accessories. In fact, I am wearing my ‘uniformic’ selection of bracelets, a stainless steel watch and a chunky heart shaped pendant. I am also intentionally forwarding the attention to the gorgeous heels in the trendy colour combo.

A little thought about the colours: It might not be the most spontaneous choice of a colour combination, but it is flattering and elegant and it is a huge trend this season. Opt for a black top, if black looks good on you, and pair it with your blue pants or skirt. Wear black from top to toe and play with your blue accessories…a long necklace, a scarf, a set of bracelets or a …hat. Hey, winter is coming, how about a blue jacket or a cardigan? There are endless options….and I am pretty sure that some are already hiding in your closets, but let’s not limit ourselves to that. A little shopping would never hurt anyone ☺

How did I feel while wearing it? I felt feminine, flirty and a bit nostalgic. The cut and the neckline of the top added romance to the look, while the balloon skirt took me back to the late 80s. The large black belt gave extra definition to the waist. In fact I always suggest my clients with hourglass body shapes to put it in their ‘must haves lists’, in their ‘wish lists’, in any list, as long as they understand what a wonderful accessory they would have to play with.

Any compliments? My glamorous girlfriends absolutely loved the look.

Little curiosity: I had my first balloon, or bubble skirt at the age of 12. It was made out of white chiffon and I absolutely loved it. It was the ‘go to cousins’ weddings’ skirt. My skillful mama custom made it for her good girl and that one I called a balloon skirt. Times changed. I grew. Champagne entered triumphantly in my life some years ago and made me love anything with bubbles, including bubble skirts…again ☺


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