FaB for Fabulous and Busy

America has got Fast & Furious, Hong Kong has got Fabulous and Busy.  Originated as Fun & Business, the exclusive private membership FaB club by Carla Snajder reflects the business philosophy  of this brilliant and resourceful entrepreneur: commit to business while connecting and helping other talented businesswomen grow their businesses. And, since fun at work matters, Carla skilfully spices up not only her own business life, but also the work life of all the female entrepreneurs taking part of the FaB Club.  Pure wisdom! Everyone works harder and goes home happier!

While for a surprising number of women, the mere idea of being part of a big group of females can be enough to fill them with horror, this does not apply to the members of the FaB Club  where fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle female entrepreneurs work closely together for mutual personal and business development. FaB facilitates co-operation and exciting new business development activities amongst members providing direct access to each other’s networks. Through FaB, new business partnerships are created via joint collaborations, product placements, endorsements, media sharing, B2B and B2C networking and events.

In the latest FaB news: the FaB Club is celebrating 2 years on September soooooo….there are a bunch of great offers for you guys to enjoy throughout the Birthday month. I will throw them straight away but you have to promise you are going to read the whole article. Why? Because I wrote it for you to enjoy 😉


Shopping tours by Carla Personal Styling: 10 % discount 

Storage services by PAKT: 10 % discount

Wardrobe editing sessions by Stylish Sisters: 10 % discount 

Catering by raw food chef Tina Barrat: 10 % discount 

KTK Make Up Brushes by Krystina Te Kanawa: 15 % discount 

Check details about services and offers throughout the article (see , you must read it 😉



Founder of FaB Club and Owner of CARLA Personal Styling, Carla brings personalized Fashion Shows, Personal Shopping, and Styling Experiences to clients worldwide. Carla is a Colour Me Beautiful certified Image Consultant with endless connections in the fashion industry globally. She has extensive experience styling and shopping for clients of different nationalities. Carla’s sharp eye for stylish clothes and accessories as well as her pluriannual experience shopping for clients are the stable foundation for Carla’s unique personalised shopping tour, an unforgettable and fulfilling experience not only for the visitors of Hong Kong, but also for all the people out there who love shopping, but hate doing it on their own, for those who are unsure what looks good on them, for the curious, adventurous people who want to discover the hidden gems of the city, for the savvy ones who are looking for the best deals.  Check the tour in the video below and take the chance to book yours with 10% discount by using the online code FABPAV10. Offer is valid until September 30, 2018.

Click here to book your discounted Personal Shopping Tour.




Gosia Orlowska, Gosia Orlowska Designs

Gosia is a Polish jewelry/ fashion designer who started designing her collection 15 years ago right here in Hong Kong. Gosia’s impressive client base includes celebrities, world renowned department stores, and even a famous film festival. Another fabulous and busy role model who’s classic contemporary jewellery styles are so empowering to transform every woman wearing the pieces into a self confident trend setter. While Gosia’s designs and inspirational persona are conquering the globe,  a growing collection of semi-precious gemstones earrings, druzy cocktail rings and spirituality charm bracelets is conquering my always searching for beauty heart 🙂 My absolute favourites: all Gosia’s druzy stone cocktail rings.



Krystina Te Kanawa, KTK Global Make Up and Beauty Experts

Krystina’s friendly and down-to-earth attitude is what will strike you when you first meet this charming FaB from New Zealand. And, honestly, you need this when it comes to someone touching your face and teaching you how to apply your make up, but you also need to be sure that your pretty face is in the hands of a professional. Krystina has worked with some incredible global and luxury brands including; Veuve Clicquot, Moet Hennessy, and Michael Kors, tech giant Facebook, to TV networks CNN, CNBC, FrenchTV, and major world sporting events like the London 2012 Olympics. Krystina has recently added a beautiful line of Make Up Brushes called KTK

Fab Krystina is offering a special discount to Stylish Sisters followers.  Visit her online shop here and use  code FABPAV10 to enjoy 15 % off every purchase. Offer is valid until September 30, 2018.


Neroulina Fukushima, Lavishoe

Think of the dramatic existence of a Samurai, spice it up with a good dose of wasabi and throw everything in a bowl of carnival-ish mood. If these are the main ingredients behind the design of a pair of shoes, are you thinking an explosive pair of heels? That’s what FaB Nero thinks most of the time 😉  Neroulina Fukushima’s dynamic half Brazilian, half Japanese personality has in fact influenced a lot the design of her amazing collection of shoes, Lavishoe, designed for today’s modern Goddesses

Barbara Yu Larsson , PAKT

Barbara is the Founder of PAKT, a sustainable ecosystem for clothes that combines the concept of a ‘digital’ wardrobe with expert clothing care.  Barbara is passionate about beautiful clothes and reducing waste in the fashion industry so PAKT, a unique clothing care and storage service in HK, also provides a preloved clothing marketplace to buy, sell and donate unwanted clothes.

Born in Taipei, daughter of a diplomat, Barbara grew up in New York in a multicultural environment.  She graduated from Harvard College and had successful careers in banking and executive search, giving Barbara a talent for ‘connecting the dots’ and an ability to inspire people around her.

Get to know PAKT and their unique storage services in the video below and take the chance to book yours with 10% discount by using the code FABPAV10. Offer is valid until September 30, 2018.




Pavleta Petrova, Stylish Sisters

Yes, that’s me, the FaB Blogger. Now you know that I have fun while blogging…What else?


Tina Barrat, Raw Food Chef

The name of the FaB Chef Tina Barrat is popping everywhere…at pop up dinners and lunches…at baby showers, at dinner parties on yachts, rooftops, art galleries? A save the sharks charity dinner? A buffet for the launch of your new brand? If you love healthy, you will love Tina. Just think of healthy and raw and the FaB Chef Tina Barrat will appear with trays covered with flavourful canapés. Gluten free? Dairy free? Not a challenge. Not a compromise with good taste.

I am far from being a good cook, but as a healthy freak and a foodie I appreciate Tina’s interpretations. My favourites?

A long list: Tina’s raw sushi made of cauliflower rice and avocado and her micro green salad with avocado and asparagus; No-Goose liver pate on gluten free toast, her beetroot hummus with veggie sticks, Mini raw pizza And her Raspberries & Chocolate Tiramisu

Fab Tina is offering a special discount to Stylish Sisters followers.  Get in touch with her and claim your 10% discount by using the code FABPAV10. Offer is valid until September 30, 2018.


Raw sushi: cauliflower rice & avocado


Micro greens salad with avocado and asparagus

Feeling inspired? Stay tuned for another FaB article by Stylish Sisters. You will meet the most extravagant, well spoken and busy FaB photographer, the most enlightened and mindful FaB Image Consultant, the FaB visionary founder of the ‘most talked about’ SPA in Hong Kong, the most loved and reliable FaB  hairdresser, the most adventurous and self-challenging FaB life coach, the most ‘jiggling between a business and a career as a primary teacher’ FaB. You do not wanna miss meeting all those fun, friendly, brilliant ladies. You never know, some FaB might change your life…into a better one 🙂




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