Colour obsession – wide brim hat

Where would I go with a wide brim hat?

Living in Hong Kong for 11 years thought me that umbrellas are not just for rainy days. People here use them as shields against the ardent rays of the tropical sun. Most probably a foldable umbrella is a great multitasker for the women around me, but beyond doubt, on a sunny day, a wide brim hat is a far more attractive alternative. Back in the late nineties, before I started travelling, my family used to have fashion boutiques in Varna. During the years we sold hundreds of beautiful hats of any shape and colour, and to me, one of the funniest things to do was to try them all on. I guess this is how I became more daring with my headgear. I wear wide brim hats to the beach, pool, boat, park… I definitely never travel without a collection of favourite hats.

Where would I not go?

I would not go chasing anyone/anything. These fellows get easily blown away. Besides, I would have restricted visibility on my target and I might end up chasing my…hat. I would avoid MTR too. A wide brim hat would be more of a disability in an overpacked train.

Who could wear a wide brim hat?

There are several different types depending on the brims: symmetrical and flat, rolling up, angled down, swept up on one side…These variations give the possibility to every woman to find the perfect brim based on her face shape. Part of each Style Consultation is the assessment of the face shape. It could be oval, square, rectangle, round or inverted triangle (some call it Hearts and Diamonds). While being ideal for women with long oval, and round face shapes, a wide brim hat is not as flattering on women with square or inverted triangle face shapes. The thing with headgear is that every hat looks different on every woman, which makes the choice of the perfect one quite complicated. So for me is all about trying on different hats to find the perfect one. It could get a little easier if you have in mind at least your best colours while trying on hats.

A little thought about the colours:

I have a collection of wide brims and the easiest to carry around are those in a solid colour. It is indeed more challenging to match a colorful or even a bicolor hat with an outfit. A vibrant yellow, a turquoise, a chocolate brown and a red, are my absolute favs as they easily complement and upgrade most of my summer outfits. To find out what are your best colours, you might want to consider booking a Full Colour Analysis

How did I feel while wearing it? A few decades ago it was believed that it was impossible for a woman to appear chic without a hat. Deep inside I acknowledge this statement as every time I wear a hat I feel particularly chic, feminine, intriguing and flirty.

Any compliments? Men are taken by surprise. I believe they appreciate a little sophistication. Women would immediately throw out compliments. Mission accomplished! Nobody knows that sometimes I start my outfit from the hat out of the necessity to hide a non-so-flattering-hairstyle.

Little curiosity: Did you know that hats are responsible for the creation of the umbrella? It is said that the tiny paper topknot hats worn by Korean men gave the inspiration.



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