Colour obsession – Turquoise..whatever..whenever

Where would I go wearing turquoise?

Turquoise is one of my favourite colours. It is a certainty! I can tell by the magnetism between me and anything in this hue: a crossbody bag, a bold necklace, an oversized cocktail ring, a pair of sunglasses, a dress, a cardigan, a felt fedora, a bikini, a…nail polish. Some days the attraction is so intense that the desire of wearing something turquoise transforms in a NEED. So I pair the necklace and the handbag with a black jumpsuit if I’ve got to run a few errands, visit the hairdresser or ride the ferry. Or, I transform into a turquoise queen by pairing nail polish, a cocktail ring, a dress and a …’throne’ in the same tone and Voilà! All set for a date with a bunch of other queens 🙂


Where would I not go wearing turquoise? I would not visit ancient Mexico as it is said that turquoise was reserved for the gods and the mere mortals should not wear it. I have zero curiosity finding out what was the punishment for wearing turquoise in ancient Mexico… 

Who could wear turquoise? This is one of the very few colours that looks great on EVERYONE.

What colours to wear with turquoise? A versatile neutral and a great accent, turquoise works beautifully with almost any other color. Pair it with white, black, beige, grey, navy, chocolate brown or camel to achieve a balanced, polished look. Go a little crazy by matching it with burgundy, mustard or chartreuse. Opt for monochromatic, by wearing blue-greens garments and accessories for a sophisticated, feminine effect.

A little thought about the colour: Turquoise, as a blend of blue and green, has some of the same cool and calming qualities. At a psychological level turquoise means open communication and clarity of thought. To me, it screams ‘ I am enjoying life!’ as my perception of this colour is as one of the friendliest and happiest in the colour spectrum. This magnificent hue is associated with an amount of positive meanings: energizing, feminine, calming, sophisticated, revitalizing, wisdom, serenity, creativity, emotional balance, good luck, spiritual grounding, friendship, love, joy, tranquility, patience, intuition, and loyalty, integrity. I love, I want, I need them all! It’s easy after all, just wear your turquoise…whatever…whenever!


How do I feel while wearing turquoise? Not only this colour uplifts my mood, but it also makes me feel eternally feminine and attractive.

Any compliments? One of my best girlfriends: “…I absolutely love the dress! Pairing it with nail polish and a cocktail ring…you are too much!” Me: “ And then I found a matching ‘throne’ and was about to carry it around, but my girlfriends said I was exaggerating. I think they were just jealous :)



Little curiosity: I found the beautiful felt fedora you are seeing in one of the pictures during a styling event in a Hong Kong boutique. I absolutely loved it and everyone around loved the look, but I could not buy it. I am on a six-months-shopping-detox. If it is meant to be mine, I am sure the pretty turquoise fedora will wait until the end of…November . Perhaps I will even find it at a discounted price…



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