Colour obsession- the pants

Where would I go dressed like this?

Light, comfortable and easy to wear, these pants are made for traveling, stretching, rolling–on-a-picnic-mat- with-kids-and-dogs… I wore them over a bikini for a day out boating or at the beach. Yes, the list goes on…I wore them for horse riding, at a BBQ gathering with friends, as part of my chic Birthday outfit, with heels and flats. Through thick and thin we stuck together. At times I got sweat or dirty (who can ride a horse on a dusty road and stay clean?), but the vibrant gypsy companion kept me chic. One of my biggest colour obsessions!

Where would I not go dressed like this? I definitely would not go skydiving as I am afraid I will never…land or I will land…somewhere else 😉

Who could wear this outfit?

It comes without saying that these pants are great for tall women with hourglass body shape. They are fabulous for ladies with bottom half smaller than their top half because they easily give the illusion of broader hips. It works quite the other way around for the pear shaped ladies. I would not recommend wearing this type of pants as in this case we are looking for slimming effect in the bottom half and dark solid bottoms are visually more slimming than patterned ones. This isn’t the best outfit for a petite too. The petite woman needs to create the illusion of elongating her body while wearing a top that contrasts with the trousers will create the effect of cutting the body in half, making her look much shorter.

The add-ons: You can’t go minimalistic with your jewelry. Wearing some funky pieces is a MUST, but I guess whomever engages with a pair of bottoms like this would have just the right personality to wear a bold necklace,  a collection of dangling bracelets, a pair of chandelier earrings or…altogether. A gold or silver metallic  sandal is the ideal shoe as it is sort of neutral but Scheherazadish at the same time. To me it feels like being a heroine in a story of adventure and wonder. And, I love this feeling! The handbag? A tote or a hobo, a clutch or a wristlet…you will only go wrong if you opt for a colourful one. Go for a solid or a metallic bag instead.

A little thought about the colours: “If I feel really ugly or unhappy, sometimes I’ll choose bright colors so they’ll make me feel good. Yellows, pinks, light blues and orange. I just want to feel good all the time if I can. And colors and hairstyles and all that kind of helps out” Jill Scott

How did I feel while wearing it? Feeling the summer breeze but not the mosquito bites? Does anyone know about anything similar? And off you go mosquito repellent free.

Any compliments? Some of my girlfriends attempted stealing a vibrant bottom or two from my closet. I remember one of them begging me to give her the lilac one once I got tired of wearing it.

Little curiosity: I bought my very first pair of colourful harem pants in a small boutique in Bulgaria about 12 years ago. I remember my mom calling me “Циганско Сърце” (A gipsy heart) when I was a little girl. This is how she was used to describe in two words my inability to sit still on a chair especially when there was some music on. When I saw that large, lilac pair of pants I felt exactly like that little girl from a while ago. My heart went totally gipsy and I HAD TO BUY IT.


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