Chic ways to wear a pencil skirt


Where would I go dressed like this?

I would go to a meeting in the city, be it with a business partner, a photographer or the PTA. I would go out for lunch with my girlfriends. Even though I see it pretty much as a ‘chic day in the city outfit’, I could consider it for a dinner out.

Where would I not go dressed like this?
I would not travel in it. Too delicate. Too white. Too easy to crumple. I would not go fighting for bargains at sample sales. Not my best option for a Sunday brunch in an Italian restaurant with children (think pizza, spaghetti, tiramisu and espresso). I’d rather walk my dog in it.

Who could wear this outfit?

This is pretty much a City Chic style and I am immediately thinking of at least one woman on earth who could wear it: The Duchess of Cambridge, but seriously you do not have to be a royalty to dress like this. You just have to own a City Chic Style Personality. A pencil skirt is ideal for women with hourglass body shape, be it a neat or a curvy one. In fact this type of skirt will absolutely make the most out of your curves. Avoid it if you are pear-shaped. Unquestionably a button down shirt looks good on everyone. Choose a silk version for extra luxury. A classic trench can work in any kind of weather and goes well with almost anything (or almost nothing if you are feeling very film noir). It is in my top ten MUST HAVES no matter what is your style personality, body shape or lifestyle.

The add-ons: boots and handbag have got some yellow gold parts. This is why I have chosen golden sunshades. The bright red lipstick is a willful decision too. It was my only way to use colour.

A little thought about the colours: snow white, ivory, cream, champagne…the list goes on. An all-white outfit is always a winner and the good news is that everyone can pull it off and look stunning. A Colour Consultation with a Personal Stylist will reveal which one is best for you.

How did I feel while wearing it? Eternally Stylish and young

Any compliments? Tons

Little curiosity: The exotic skin handbag has been in my wish list since December 2012 when I spotted it at the Conrad Hotel Christmas Fair in Hong Kong. Bought is on December 2016. 4-years-long-test-of-patience. So rewarding!


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