Celebrate life in the amazing daffodil yellow



Where would I go dressed like this?

At the beach. No kidding. I have a sunhat, I have shades and I am wearing yellow…bikini underneath. By replacing the bikini with a strapless top I rode the Hong Kong Ferris Wheel and hopped on a Red-Sail Chinese Junk for a sunset cocktail cruise. Yes, I did that. Slipped into yellow from top to toe, grabbed the camera and went sightseeing as a tourist in my own town (Hong Kong is one of my own towns).

Where would I not go dressed like this? Definitely not going chasing a honeybee colony. What if they think that I am a real daffodil?

Who could wear this outfit?

To pull an outfit like this it is essential that you love colour and sunhats. But you have to consider your body shape too. This type of skirt, called dropped panel is ideal for women with a build characterized by a bottom half that seems smaller than their top half as well as for women with the so called rectangle body shape. In the first case a full, dropped panel skirt will help you highlight your hips and bottom and balance with the upper part of your body. In the case of a rectangle body shape, it will create the appearance of curves.

The add-ons: I needed a colour that would take notice over the total yellow look. Red is a good colour to be used for accents so I opted for red kitten heels and sunglasses, besides I am already a readhead. At this point pairing the lipstick with the colour of the nail polish was inevitable. A sparkling pair of earrings and an inexpensive plastic bangle added the final touch to this playful, high-powered outfit. Are you still wondering if a Styling session with a Personal Stylist is a good investment? You should not. Learn more about it here.

A little thought about the colours: You must look good in yellow and you must be aware of what you are projecting by wearing it. Being the most luminous of all the colours of the spectrum, you will capture everyone’s attention if you incorporate a lot of this bright nuance in your outfit. If you are not fond of yellow close to your face, but still like the colour, wear it as a skirt, and play with a top that flatters your natural face colouring. It goes with white, blue and black. If you feel more creative and daring, you can try daffodil yellow with blush, khaki or even with fuchsia. Part of a full colour analysis session is the enthusiastic browsing of the best colour combinations for the client. Learn more about it here.

How did I feel while wearing it? Hot 😉 and interesting.

Any compliments? Do amazed glances count as compliments?

Little curiosity: I spotted the hat at a fair in Hong Kong and my body immediately generated a craving feeling for a wide brim yellow sun hat. The price tag said 193 US$ and I decided to let go for the moment. But the cravings did not disappear and I carried that empty feeling all the way to Boracay Island. Can you imagine the dance of joy when I saw a wide brim yellow panama in an island shop? And, I could have it for 9 US$. Bingo!


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