A handbag or an overrated label?

Guest post by Kashish Hemnani, Creative Director and Founder of LAYKH Handbags

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Fashion and Luxury poke the soft spots in our brains, the ones that are seduced by physical beauty and tactile pleasures rather than reason and order. But when have we crossed the line from being passionately fashionable to just plain idiotic?

If you’re a regular watcher of the real housewives of Beverly Hills then you know that someone on the show was bragging about buying a USD25K pair of sunglasses. It was all over the press for its high price tag, woman who have more access to cash then self-esteem have likely taken to this design like a duck to water. All of their friends will already know how much it costs on sight and then the bragging can begin!

In a market when the preowned crocodile birkin can break records by selling at auction for well into the 6 figures, there’s a seemingly insatiable thirst for novelty and rarity among the world’s super rich.  Price is a measure of perceived value, particularly in fashion, and if all designers drive their prices for exotics sky-high, then over time, consumers will come to expect that exotics will cost those prices and convince themselves that they’re so high because they have to be.



I decided to launch LAYKH, an accessible luxury exotic leather handbag brand because I have had the opinion for some time now that high end exotic handbags are a bit of a scam. Prices have been artificially high for some time now, I am not saying that exotics don’t cost more to farm and are often more delicate and difficult to work with, I source all of my leathers from the leading tanneries owned by Gucci and LV, I have the same expenses and in my quest to find a good manufacturer I stumbled upon a birkin workshop! 

You heard correctly, an actual little factory that specializes in making fake birkins in every colour, leather and size – you can imagine! Not that I am into fakes but think about this – a authentic 2ndhand birkin recently sold for USD300K and one in the workshop in the same alligator finish and grade at cost goes for….. you may want to sit down….USD950-4500!

I know some of you may be thinking – but they must not look like the real thing, but were stunning! Impeccably finished, lined with lambskin and tarnish free hardware. As a brand, it is beyond genius that one can sell products for 66 times what it costs to make. Ever seen those behind the scenes videos on how the bags are made and the makers are all wearing starch white gloves as if they are surgeons handling a human heart! The beauty of branding!

So you tell me – now knowing the margins, do you feel the same way about a brand or do you feel resentful cause you feel cheated?

Kashish Hemnani, Creative Director and Founder of LAYKH Handbags – www.laykh.com

Elegant and sophisticated, Laykh handbags stole my heart the very first moment I saw a small collection at a shopping event in Hong Kong years ago. A brown cross over bag in ostrich rightfully and quite instantly covered a leader position in my oooh so long wish list. I ticked it long time ago, but still enjoying every bit of it and every single time I throw it in the mix, is a small celebration of style and uniqueness.  It is petite and cute, but at the same time roomy enough to hold my phone, a lipstick, some credit cards, a few business cards, money, keys, a pen and even my sunglasses. Colour-wise extremely versatile, this practical yet elegant handbag became my most faithful companion for traveling, going to concerts, art exhibitions and…shopping.


The luxury fashion label, founded in Hong Kong by Kashish Hemnani almost a decade ago, has now an army of stylish followers, loyally, enthusiastically and a tiny bit impatiently waiting for the brand to come up with its next chef-d’oeuvre (this must be the Laykh effect…I never spoke French before I started writing about the effortlessly chic handbags of the label 🙂

What are you looking at? I am looking at this Aisha clutch in rose gold. I know I do not need to be apologetic, but it would match one of my wrist watches 😉

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