The one accessory you need on a gloomy rainy day


Not long after I moved to Hong Kong I realised that I needed something I  never needed in my life before, a pair of rain boots. And while my very first choice was a pair of tall hunter boots in bronze colour, my current favourite is a low-top pair in black from Tommy Hilfiger. If you are looking to invest in the perfect pair of rain boots, you surely want to consider this model.  Simple, yet functional, these boots will keep your city-galloping perfectly manicured feet away from the paddles in…style.



First of all, as for every look ‘recipe’ there are a few main ingredients. If you want to replicate my ‘spice up a rainy day look’ you will need:

  • One pair of rain boots, drained from the previous rain and polished. Just click on the Amazon links below to get yours.



  • One black bubble skirt, dusted and pressed;
  • One garnished top in a favourite colour
  • One refreshed vintage handbag;
  • One large belt;
  • A wrist timer 😉
  • One raw sausage;
  • One glass of prosecco (optional)
  • One smartphone


  • Preparation time: 10 min

  • ‘Looking’ difficulty: Level 1

  1. Turn on the smartphone and make sure that the chances of rain are at least 40%
  2. Place the sausage next to the rain boots; do not allow the sausage to drizzle over the boots; 
  3. Flambe’ the look with a glass of prosecco
  4. Combine all the ingredients with a lifting mood making sure that the skirt is not accidentally tucked into your knickers.


How do you guys spice up your gloomy rainy days? What is your favourite ‘city-going-in-the-rain’ look? Share your ideas in the comments box below.



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